Cratex Large Wheels

Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel have found wide application for many grinding, deburring, smoothing and polishing operations like:

  • Removing rust, heat marks, tarnish, excess solder, scratches, corrosion, removing burrs and breaking edges
  • Polishing welded seams after rough grinding, polishing bearing surfaces and raceways
  • Smoothing and sending: castings and punched or sheared pieces, smoothing glass edges, wet sanding of gem stones, trimming plastic articles
  • Cleaning before welding or soldering. Fast way to clean all unwanted surface deposits. 

Product details:

Offered in 4 grit textures all color coded: C – Coarse (green), M – medium (dark brown), F – Fine (reddish brown), XF – Extra fine (grey green).
Brand: Cratex – Abrasive Manufacturing Co
Material: Premium Silicon Carbide
Bond: Premium grade oil resistant chemical rubber (rubberized)
Used by professional jewelers, gunsmiths, lapidaries, bladesmiths, silversmiths etc. 
Delivery: Free delivery for orders exceeding $149
Maximum operating speeds for large Cratex silicon carbide grinding wheels (to obtain best results apply light work pressure and never exceed maximum speed):

Diameter RPM
1-1/2" 15,000
2" 10,500
2-1/2" 8,300
3" 7,000
4" 5,250
5" 4,200
6" 3,600

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If any Cratex item does not perform as promised it is returnable for a full credit or exchange.

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