Cratex Small Grinding Wheels

Silicon Carbide Small Grinding Wheels! Rubber Bond! Extraordinary Control For High Precision! Free US Delivery!

Cratex Small Grinding Wheels are designed for delicate and precision work that needs polishing, de-burring, and smoothing.

Small Abrasive Wheel Dimensions & Grit Sizes

Browse online complete small grinding wheel selection - from 3/8 inches to 1 inch surface grinding wheel. Choose desired grit size (from coarse to extra fine) and shape your workpiece as an artist. Perfect abrasive tool when working with jewelry and sensitive devices. Small wheels are also available in abrasive kits

Free US Delivery

Order online fine grinding wheels and polishing abrasives from Cratex abrasive manufacturing company. Free shipping available in US for orders above $149. Perfect rubberized abrasives from 1981. trusted by men and machines. 

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