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CRATEX – Leading US Abrasive Manufacturer & Supplier

Since 1927, CRATEX Manufacturing Co. has been supplying the United States market with high-quality industrial abrasive wheels, wheel mandrels, cones, points, blocks & sticks, and other abrasive tools and accessories, which have found their purpose and application in numerous industries.

Our passion and prime goal has always been to satisfy our customers’ every need regarding innovations, product quality, durability, value and service. The result was crafting the perfect abrasive products of premium quality, available in different sizes and specifications. Our constant efforts and successful results have made us one of the leading players in the industry among other prominent and trusted abrasive manufacturers and suppliers in the US.

CRATEX online store offers various products designed to give a specific finish, stock removal, provide desired cutting speed or fulfil certain cutting requirements. Bonded Abrasives that we’re offering are typically used on different hand-held machines to cut-off or grind: straight grinders or rotary handpieces, vertical grinders, angle grinders or petrol saws. We are positive that any craftsman would be able to find the tool he needs among our products, so we invite you to see for yourself!

Top features

Quality & Endurance

CRATEX is a quality-oriented company, so all CRATEX abrasives are made of premium-quality silicon carbide of high-level of purity and maximum endurance.

Every Craftsman’s Friend

Our abrasives come all shapes and sizes. Choose the abrasives you need based on the nature of your workpiece and your work goal.

Online Store

With our online store, our customers can easily browse through CRATEX products and order abrasives, abrasive tools and accessories directly from the manufacturer.

FREE Shipping Available

Orders above $149 are shipped for FREE in United States.

Check out four different types of CRATEX Mini Kits - small packages of wheels, sticks, blocks or points, which act as samples and are ideal for giving our products a try! Price: Only $36.58 per Kit.

Join thousands satisfied customers that love CRATEX tools!

Successful Stories From Our Clients

Randall Adams, Combat Weapon Systems

I have been using Cratex in my shop for over 15 years. It is the best I have found at putting a final finish on metal. It removes tooling marks and scratches and leaves a smooth professional finish. I use Cratex because my business depends on perfection.

Randall Adams, Combat Weapon Systems
Matthew Hartnett, Malice Studios

The 3 main things I love about CRATEX are 1: the scalability. If they have a product for my Foredom, they have it for my bench grinder. I don't have to try to match a finish in a recessed area because it's the same abrasive just a different size. 2: the quality. It's a smooth and consistent finish even at the rough grits. You can remove material without having huge gashes you have to remove. 3: customer service. If you have a question they are quick to respond and they are always helpful and friendly. Just a great Company to deal with.

Matthew Hartnett, Malice Studios
Bill Poole, CEO at Poole’s Gunsmithing

CRATEX is by far the very best. I say this because CRATEX offers a vast variety of abrasive grits, types, and shapes to match my projects. The quality of the CRATEX products affords me the opportunity to provide my customers with the best quality product. Without the CRATEX products, our work would be so much more labor intensive.

Bill Poole, CEO at Poole’s Gunsmithing
Kieran Berard, Precision Deburring LLC

We like the quality and material your tooling has. It can be hard to find tools with durability and last for more than one part. A lot of times we'll do one lot of parts and only need one CRATEX tool which is great. We definitely like the strength and durability.


Kieran Berard, Precision Deburring LLC
Kris Stevens - Custom Knifemaker at KS Bladeworks

The quality is great. The material lasts. Pricing is awesome and the customer service is wonderful, Easy to talk to and turnaround times are great.

Kris Stevens - Custom Knifemaker at KS Bladeworks
Morgan Asoyuf, Jewelry Artist

CRATEX provides a high-quality product that lasts longer and provides premium results.