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Brightboy Abrasives are an engineered product line that includes type 1 wheels and mounted wheels.

"Engineered product" means that our representatives solve metal finishing problems by presenting application information to the Brightboy factory abrasive engineer for product development. Brightboy bonds always contain rubber as the base together with a percentage of resin. Some of the bonds developed can be considered "standards" only because they are constantly in production. The bond possibilities are endless however when challenged with an application the appropriate "standard" bond will be selected. When the standard requires modification by changing the resin to rubber percentage or any other change we will review the results obtained and engineer a product.

The abrasive type utilized is usually premium brown aluminum oxide. Silicon carbide can be a suitable replacement when appropriate.


Most Brightboy products are engineered for metal removal applications that require polished surfaces. Brightboy in the soft, semi-firm and firm bonds should be thought of as an extension of the Cratex rubber bond product line. Brightboy in the above mention bond bases, depending on the grit size selected can achieve excellent finishes and remove metal at a very good rate. The finishes will be very comparable with Cratex rubber bonded abrasives but the metal removal rate is greatly increased.

Brightboy in the semi-hard, hard and very hard formulations should be utilized for metal removal applications. When using any of the above formulations in coarse grits the finishes will be improved versa solid resin wheels or vitrified wheels.

Engineered for the correct applications Brightboy can show outstanding results that are sure to benefit the user. (We do not expect nor especially desire any attempts to engineer wheels for you. You can better serve yourself and us by providing accurate application information and trail results with the use of the two forms contained in this booklet.)

Brightboy mounted wheels provided in the standard grits and bonds are considered for light metal removal, blend and polish application. It is fair to compare these products to Cratex rubber bonded abrasives in the same grits. The major difference between Brightboy mounted wheels and Cratex rubber bond abrasives are the size and shape. Brightboy mounted wheels being available in A, B, and W shapes make them more suitable for finishing large parts with hard-to-reach areas.


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