Motorcycle Bell Rules - Your Guardian Angel on the Road

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Motorcycle Bell Rules

Have you ever seen a tiny bell hanging on some bikes? You may have found one on a motorcycle you buy, found one on a bike you work on, given by a friend. Well, it turns out; these bells have a purpose and are a biker tradition going back decades.

Wearing the bell and the understanding of it was interpreted more loosely over time, a particular portion of the biker community tends to purchase one since it looks pretty cool without paying much attention to its original rules and rituals.

Must-Obey Rules

The most important bell rules are in the following order:

  • Rule #1: Don’t buy your own bell – If you want to bell magic works, it MUST be a gift. Its supernatural powers are activated by the gesture of goodwill/care, and then it becomes especially powerful if gifted by a fellow rider’;
  • Rule #2: Never hang your bell –  The bell MUST be hung on your ride by the person who gave it to you. Not only does the individual give the sacred gift to you with intentional goodwill, but that persona ensures that the protection is activated with goodwill intentions also;
  • Rule #3: Never leave the bell behind – If you sell your bike, never leave it on the motorcycle for the new owner. The jingle should be cherished for what it personifies, so you should take it off, keep it or transfer bell to a new ride. If you want to give a bell to the new owner as a present, you'll need to take the bell off and personally hand it over. If you don't give a bell with goodwill that is intentional, it won't have any effect;
  • Rule #4: Put it to the lowest part of the frame – If you put the jingle as low as possible and closer to the front, you'll ensure that that's the first thing road gremlins will grab and that they’re instantly captured by it without a chance of making mischief;
  • Rule #5: A stolen bell loses its magic –  This bell is all about good intentions, so stolen together with the motorcycle, it’ll lose its powers. The sneak-thief won't have a chance.
  • Rule #6: The bell should be cleaned and polished – Every time the ride is cleaned, the bell should be polished. You should think of all the fallen fellows while doing it, which is a way of paying them respect.