Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel Dresser

A perfect solution to keep your grinding wheel flat, sharp, clean and running smoothly! Choose CRATEX silicon carbide cleaning stick for grinding wheels and have a peace of mind.

Flatten uneven grinding wheel surface that has been worn out – true it quickly and effortless. Easy to use. A MUST for everyone who continuously uses a bench grinder. 

Use CRATEX cleaning abrasive sticks and your grinding wheel will be in a top-notch form in just a few seconds. Way better performance compared to star or disc wheel dresser.

Choose dressing stick grit, length, cross section and order in few seconds.

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SKU Length Cross Section
Q3802 3" 1" x 1/4"
Q4163 4" 2" x 3/8"
Q6801 6" 1" x 1/8"
Q6802 6" 1" x 1/4"
Q6803 6" 1" x 3/8"
Q8804 8" 1" x 1/2"
SKU Price Quantity
sku $price
Quantity Price per piece

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Why CRATEX Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick?

  • Most trusted industrial abrasive manufacturing company from the US
  • Superior product quality controlled and approved by Diamond Wheel Manufacturers Institute from Cleveland
  • Most affordable prices you will find online
  • FREE shipping on orders above $149
  • Fast delivery from San Diego, CA warehouse

Grinding Wheel Dressing Process

  1. Hold abrasive stick against grinding wheel surface while the wheel is turning
  2. To clear the wheel move stick back and forth across the wheel surface/face
  3. Always use eye protection glasses!

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